Culinary Dictionary  "D"

Our ever growing online community Dictionary and Food and Culinary Terms, Phrases and Cooking Techniques that begin with the letter D.



Refers to a small amount of seasoning that is added to food. It is generally between 1/16 and 1/8 teaspoon. The term is often used for liquid ingredients, such as bottled hot pepper sauce. It can also be referred to as a “pinch” when using dry ingredients. i.e. A pinch of cayenne.


Deep-fry is KING. To deep-fry is to cook food by completely covering with hot fat. Deep-frying is usually done between 350F – 425F degrees.

And, believe it or not is a perfectly acceptable form of healthy cooking, if you use clean fats and high temperatures!!


Fish or game that has had guts (viscera) removed. In the case of fish, gills are removed, the cavity is cleaned, and the head and fins remain intact. The scales may or may not be removed. It’s opposite to my way of thinking, in my mind it should be un-dressed.

De-Glaze / De-Glazing

Is when you are adding a liquid such as water, wine, or broth to a heated skillet that has been used to cook or sear meat(s). The liquid cleans up all the flavourful bits that are left on or in the cooking vessel after the meat has been removed and really adds a lot of flavour to make a finished flavorful sauce.


A term referring to a whole fish, with or without scales, that has had its internal organs removed. The term “drawn butter” refers to clarified butter.


To slice the back of and remove the main central vein from a shrimp or prawn. Which is actually the digestive tract of the shrimp. So get er outta there!!