Culinary Dictionary  "E"

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To emulsify is to combine two liquid or semiliquid ingredients, such as oil and vinegar, that don’t naturally dissolve into each other. One way to do this is to gradually add one ingredient to the other while whisking rapidly with a fork or wire whisk. Another example of an emulsification would be mayonnaise. Oil incorporated into eggs.

Egg Roll Skins

Egg roll skins are pastry wrappers used to encase or envelop a savory filling and for making egg rolls. Typically sold in the produce or ethnic aisle of the grocery store or at Asian markets. Egg roll skins are similar to, but larger than, wonton skins.

Egg Whites, Dried

Pasteurized dried egg whites can be used where egg whites are needed; follow package directions for reconstituting them. Unlike raw egg whites, which must be thoroughly cooked before serving to kill harmful bacteria, pasteurized dried egg whites can be used in recipes that do not call for egg whites to be thoroughly cooked. Keep in mind that meringue powder may not be substituted, as it has added sugar and starch. Never have I seen these in the grocery store. Mind you I’ve never really looked…

Extracts (Oils)

Products derived from aromatic essential oils of a particular plant that are distilled by various means, i.e. distilled. In extracts, the highly concentrated oils are usually suspended in alcohol to make them easier to combine with other foods in cooking and baking. Almond, anise, lemon, mint, orange, peppermint, and vanilla are some commonly available extracts.