Culinary Dictionary  "H"

Our ever growing online community Dictionary and Food and Culinary Terms, Phrases and Cooking Techniques that begin with the letter H.


Half and Half

A.K.A Coffee Cream, is a mixture of equal parts cream and milk. It has about 10 – 12 percent milk fat and cannot be whipped. Well, it can be whipped but your efforts would be pointless…

Haricot Vert

Haricot vert; is translated from French to mean “green string bean”, these beans are particularly thinner and more tender than your regular garden variety green bean.

Hoisin Sauce

A sauce, popular in Asian cooking, that brings a multitude of sweet and spicy flavors to a dish: fermented soybeans, molasses, vinegar, mustard, sesame seeds, garlic, and chiles. Look for hoisin sauce alongside the soy sauce in most supermarkets or in Asian markets.


Dried white or yellow corn kernels that have been soaked in lime or lye to remove the hull and germ. It is available canned or dried. Ground hominy is used to make grits.