Culinary Dictionary  "I"

Our ever growing online community Dictionary and Food and Culinary Terms, Phrases and Cooking Techniques that begin with the letter I.


Indirect Grilling

Indirect Grilling is a cooking technique of slowly cooking food in a covered grill over a spot where there are no coals or other heat elements directly beneath. (Because that would be ‘Direct Grilling’) Usually the food is placed on the rack over a drip pan, with coals arranged around the pan. Or on a BBQ Grill, the right side of the BBQ might be on, and the food being indirectly grilled would be on the left side of the grill. Or Vice Versa.  It is a slower method of cooking, requires a lot of attention but well worth the effort.

Insulated Baking Sheet

An Insulated Baking Sheet is usually a cookie / baking sheet with a space between its double layers to prevent hot spots and promote even and uniform cooking / baking.


To transfer flavours, to steep as you would a tea bag in hot water, or heat gently to extract flavor. Or other various methods, for example putting a fresh vanilla bean into a sugar bowl, will infuse the sugar with vanilla flavour.


To ice is to drizzle or spread baked goods with a thin frosting. To ‘ice’ a cake.