Culinary Dictionary  "O"

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Okra. Is the annual plant, Hibiscus esculentus, of Ethiopian origin, grown for its edible pods. Commonly used in Creole cooking and is often the star ingredient in Gumbo. Many people are turned off by okra as if improperly cooked it can have a slimy and very unpleasant texture.


Organic refers to foods that are grown or raised without chemicals or artificial growth enhancers, without chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Personally, I find this highly questionable and have some real serious questions about what people are getting away with labeling items as ‘organic’.

Oven Broil

To oven broil is to cook with radiant heat source that is above the food(s), as opposed to char-broiling, where your coals / burners are beneath the food being cooked.