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Thickening Agents (Thickeners)

Thickening Agents a.k.a Thickeners are food substances used to give a thicker consistency to sauces, gravies, puddings, and soups. Common thickeners include:

Flour and cornstarch: All-purpose flour and cornstarch are starches commonly used to thicken saucy mixtures. Cornstarch produces a more translucent mixture than flour and has twice the thickening power. Before adding one to a hot mixture, stir cold water into a small amount. You can also combine either flour or cornstarch with cold water in a screw-top jar and shake until thoroughly blended. It is critical that the starch-water mixture be free of lumps to prevent lumps in your sauce or gravy.

Quick-cooking tapioca: This is a good choice for foods that are going to be frozen because, unlike flour and cornstarch-thickened mixtures, frozen tapioca mixtures retain their thickness when reheated.

Tip: When using tapioca as a thickener for crockery cooking and freezer-bound foods, you can avoid its characteristic lumpy texture by grinding the tapioca with a mortar and pestle before adding to the recipe.


Toast is the process of browning, crisping, or drying a food by exposing it to heat. Toasting foods such as coconut, nuts, and seeds help to release their oils and develop their flavor. Also the process of exposing bread to heat so it becomes browner, crisper, and drier. Also, when you forgot your roast in the oven and it burnt and you can say “that supper is toast.”

Toss, Tossed, Tossing

Toss, Tossed, Tossing: Is to combine ingredients lightly by lifting and dropping them using two utensils so that ingredients are all evenly distributed throughout the dish.