Culinary Dictionary  "V"

Our ever growing online community Dictionary and Food and Culinary Terms, Phrases and Cooking Techniques that begin with the letter V.



Simply pit a Vinaigrette is a  sauce, usually a salad dressing, made of a preferred ratio of vinegar to oil, along with other flavoring ingredients, used especially for salads, cold meat preparations and also as marinades. 


Vanilla – Vanilla comes from the fruit of a thick tropical vine that is a member of the orchid family.  It is often called “the orchid or commerce” because it is one of the two products of this enormous species with any significant commercial value.  Interestingly, not only is the vanilla orchid devoid of scent, so is the vanilla pod or bean, which must be fermented or cured to develop the vanilla.  Vanilla vines are indigenous to southeastern Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, and northern South America.  Try your best to only cook / bake with fresh Vanilla Beans and even making your own vanilla extracts. Nothing can beat the quality of something that you made yourself. If you are interested in making  your own vanilla extracts I strongly encourage you to visit our good friends over at Kitchen Project and their Vanilla Enchantment pages. Tell them The Cook’s Club sent you !!


Made popular in North America from the Australian Band “Men at Work”, is one of several yeast extract spreads sold in Australia.  It is made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract (a by-product of beer manufacturing) and various vegetable and spice additives.  It is very dark reddish-brown, almost black, in color.   It is the North American equivalent of a PB and J. I have been told that it is definitely an ‘acquired taste’.