Culinary Dictionary  "Y"

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Yeast: A tiny, single-celled organism that feeds on the sugar in dough, creating carbon dioxide gas that makes dough rise. Three common forms of yeast are:

Active dry yeast: This is the most popular form; these tiny, dehydrated granules are mixed with flour or dissolved in warm water before they’re used.

Bread-machine yeast: This highly active yeast was developed especially for use in doughs processed in bread machines.

Quick-rising active dry yeast (sometimes called fast-rising or instant yeast): This is a more active strain of yeast than active dry yeast, and it substantially cuts down on the time it takes for dough to rise. This yeast is usually mixed with the dry ingredients before the warm liquids are added. The recipes in this book were tested using active dry yeast.

Yankee Pot Roast

Yankee Pot Roast is a ‘recipe’ made from an inexpensive cut of beef, such as the round or chuck, that is seared for a short amount of time to brown it. The Pot Roast is then placed in a covered pot with a small amount of liquid to be braised on the stove top or in the oven. This method of cooking makes a cheaper cut of meat much more tender. Vegetables are added to the pot during the cooking process to create a complete meal. Excellent way to produce quality meals using an inexpensive cut of meat.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

A potato variety that is a cross between the South American wild, yellow potato and the North American white resulting in a light yellow skin, a fine-grained texture and a rich buttery flavor. It is a potato that contains a higher level of sugar content than many other varieties, thus providing a richer flavor and a golden brown coloring when roasted or fried in a skillet. Yukon’s are excellent for roasting, frying, boiling, adding to soups and stews, and for making fluffy, mashed potatoes, but are not as good as russet potatoes for baking.