Season and Taste As You Go

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We all put in (admittedly sometimes less than other times) the effort and energy to prepare fresh, quality meals for ourselves, family, friends, dinner guests; what have you. Ideally, we want our food to be tasty, visually appealing and most importantly seasoned!! We (I) don't like the idea of my guests having to season their meals at the table. When you do that, more times than not all you end up with is an over seasoned and salty dish. Personally I don't put the shakers on the table.

Because nothing can be more infuriating for a cook or party host than watching someone immediately grab the salt and pepper before even taking a bite! Then have the temerity to afterward say that their food was salty. I'm by no means a food snob, I have seasoning shakers available if someone asks for one after they've tried the food first. Here's my reasoning:

I have had the honour of studying at one of the best culinary schools in Canada. The Stratford Chefs School, in Stratford, Ontario. It was undoubtedly one of the most incredible experiences of my culinary career. But I'm getting off topic....

Regardless of where any of us attended (or didn't) culinary school, or are self taught. If we learned from watching the mannequin-like hosts of Food Network shows or if we are lucky enough to receive the best kind of education (which is at the hip of our elders when we're young and they're in the kitchen). There is one "rule" that stands out ahead of all the rest! SEASON AND TASTE YOUR FOOD AS YOU GO!! It's that simple. You'll be doing yourself a favour, there's no doubt about it. Tasting as you go is the easiest way to ensure your getting the best flavour out of your ingredients. It just makes sense. That was a major lesson instilled in us as students, and even in our kitchen jobs pre-culinary schooling. In some cases it is a firing offense!! Some chefs will absolutely go berserk if they see an apprentice or seasoned (no pun intended) veteran not seasoning there food, and or not having an abundance of tasting spoons near to hand. No joke! It's also a great way to show respect to the ingredients and the people behind the ingredients that ultimately brought the food to your kitchen. Is that a bit extreme? Yes and No.

Farmers all over the globe put in the time, energy and never ending work to ensure that they produce top notch produce or poultry, or dairy or fish, or meat! They take great pride in their often underappreciated work. The least we can do is to give their end results the time and attention to make sure it tastes and looks as great as it can on our plates! Besides that, your guests will appreciate the flavours and you will know when and where to make seasoning corrections before you put your hard work on the plate in front of your guest(s).

If you're currently not in the habit of tasting and seasoning as you go. Try to get into it today! Before you know it, it will be second nature. You'll be doing it without realizing it. You will surprise yourself at the improvements, possibly motivate yourself to experiment more with various seasonings (Always Play With Your Food) and have a greater satisfaction and sense of pride in the food you present!

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