Often times I visit a website and I see that there is a "Donate" button on every page I visit. It used to annoy me. It annoyed me because I would see that all they were asking for in donations was money. Which I can completely understand. But I often wondered if they were missing out on other opportunities. Donations can happen in a number of ways other than just financially.

Donations can take form in the way of subscribing to a website, the sites various mailing lists, contributing recipes, food photography, commenting in the variety of discussion groups, even sharing links to the site on your social media accounts. 

If  you enjoy the content (don't forget we're still in the crawling stage) and feel like you would like to donate in any way, shape or form. Your efforts and contributions are greatly appreciated. If you insist to donate funds, well, we won't deny you that privilege and we be honoured and grateful.

If you have other suggestions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you. Just use the "Contact the Site" page. Which is another form of donating as well. Thanks for stopping by and please come back often. We're laying the beginnings of a solid foundation to a thriving community, and we can't do it without you. The Community!!! Thank you in advance!

Peter V Pizzati

Chef / Founder, Cook's Club.ca